aloneFinding out that your baby has died,
whether at four weeks or soon after birth,
is a tragedy.  

At Common Care, we offer support and guidance
for those who have lost a baby at any stage.



A death of a child is a traumatic experience.  You may be asking questions about why this happened and what would have been.  Miscarriage, stillbirth and early infant death leave you with a pain that only someone who has experienced this type of loss can understand.  It doesn’t help that society prevents a mother or father from grieving and expects the pain to pass and the parent to move on.

Grief is a good and natural thing to experience.  There is no guilt to be felt if your grief seems to take longer to process or if the grief comes on all of a sudden when you thought it had improved.  Grief follows its own path.  Let yourself mourn, grieve, and remember.

 Please contact Common Care
if you need someone to talk to
or if you would like help finding a support group meeting.